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Never mind that the animators at Pixar and DreamWorks work out of cubicles. Those people as well as the programmers at tech start-ups might zip around on Razor scooters but they park those scooters in their cubicles and use them to zip to the shared copy machine.And even if you're not at a particularly hip or high-tech company you can still be happy with your "office drone" job. A 2007 job satisfaction surveyshowed that people in such cubicle-farm professions as "office supervisors" and "security and financial services salespeople" were among the top 12 most satisfied out of 198 professions.Getty Just because she looks boring doesn't mean she's not happy.

Neo isn't just escaping the agents that want to kill him but also those drab orderly clipboards.Which should come as no surprise. These films are being written by Hollywood screenwriters and made by Hollywood directors many of whom probably would wither away and die if trapped in a 9-to-5 job and did find happiness and success by turning their backs on that. And there are plenty of other people out there who are genuinely unhappy in a cubicle and would be well-served by going to culinary school or starting a farm or pursuing their dream of being a dog groomer to the stars."We wanted to shoot a more satisfying ending but Leo wanted to play flag football instead."Again nike shoes, we are not mocking nerds for overanalyzing pop culture. We're professional nerds who overthink pop culture for a living. But we're kind of disappointed that even the hardest of the hardcore movie geeks seem totally unfamiliar with the concept of an ambiguous ending. Nobody has seen The Thing (where the credits run with it still unclear whether the main character is the shape-shifting monster)? Or Total Recall (was everything part of the virtual reality fantasy)?

It's certainly more interesting to watch today if for no other reason than its bizarre accuracy. Still for a movie that's designed to be hilarious it feels like a cruel mockery of the most significant events of the last few decades. It's like watching a romantic comedy that takes place entirely on a 9/11 flight. It was a customary practice in the 80s to take good nike shox women, nike shox women, contemporary books and adaptthem into bastardized stillborn movies. So for anyone who loved Brett Easton Ellis's Less Than Zero the 1987 movie adaptationprobably felt like being hit in the face by a six-pack of Tab. The loose plot for both movie and book follows college student Clay Easton as he returns to Los Angeles for Christmas. All his friends have become impulsive drug addled horny adults who believe in nothing.

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